Gadolinium Nitrate

Gadolinium Nitrate

CAS #: 19598-90-4
Linear Formula: Gd(NO3)3 • 6H2O
EC No.: 233-437-2

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Product Description

*Gadolinium Nitrate is a chemical substance with a molecular formula of Gd(NO3)3• 6H2O, a White snow-like solid, soluble in water and deliquescent in humid air. It is generally prepared by reacting Gadolinium Oxalate and hydrogen nitrate, preparing a solution and then concentrating and crystallizing.

*It is a rare earth compound of Gadolinium. It is soluble in water and readily soluble in strong mineral acids. Gadolinium nitrate, like all nitrates, is an oxidizing agent. Used in nuclear reactors as a water-soluble neutron poison. Used as a raw material to produce other Gadolinium compounds. 

*It is also used for semiconductor fabrication and nuclear reactor shielding. When combined with EDTA ligands, Gadolinium can be used as an injectable contrast agent for MRIs. Gadolinium nitrate is also used as a raw material in the production of other gadolinium compounds, for production of specialty glasses and ceramics and as a phosphor.

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Safety Data

Technical Data

Gadolinium Nitrate  99.99%



Properties (Theoretical)

Compound FormulaGdN3O9
Molecular Weight343.26
AppearanceWhite crystalline solid
Melting Point91 °C
Boiling PointN/A
Density2.3 g/cm3
Exact Mass343.887557
Monoisotopic Mass343.887557

Health & Safety Information

Signal WordDanger
Hazard StatementsH272-H315-H319-H335
Hazard CodesO, Xi
Risk Codes8-36/37/38
Safety Statements17-26-36/37/39
RTECS NumberLW4725000
Transport InformationUN 1477 5.1/PG 2
WGK Germany2

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