Neodymium Metal/ Sputtering Target

Neodymium Metal/ Sputtering Target

CAS #: 7440-00-8
Linear Formula: Nd
EC No.: 231-109-3

Product Details

Product Description

*Neodymium Metal/ Sputtering Target have been accepted in a wide range of applications from ferromagnetic thin films, high index films in infrared filters, semiconducting films, capacitor dielectric films, photoconductive films, lubricant films, magnetic and memory elements.

*Neodymium Metal is a silver-gray active metal with a molecular formula of Nd. The powder is easily self-igniting in the air and easily soluble in acid, Insoluble in water.

*Our metal targets are offered in various purity levels to suit your specific requirements. Although purity levels higher than required increase material costs, in some instances, the use of too low a purity can result in poor film quality. If you have requirements to specific impurities, we may be able to control them within the target.

*Aluminum neodymium alloy thin Film be used in Transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) for low-resistivity gate metal because of their low resistivity and their tendency not to form hillocks during thermal processing.

*We are highly renowned manufacturer and supplier of Neodymium Metal/ Sputtering Target. Our pricing is competitive and we consistently offer price matching for our customers. We have professional QC system, and checked the products one by one, so that we can make sure the products with the high quality.


• Semiconductor

• Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

• Physical vapor deposition (PVD) displayFeatures

• Competitive pricing

• High purity

• Grain refined, engineered microstructure

• Semiconductor grade

Product Series

ProductProduct Code

Safety Data

Technical Data

Neodymium Metal 99.9%


Neodymium Metal 99.99%ET-NdM-02TIM图片20180524114629_副本(001)

Properties (Theoretical)

Molecular Weight144.24
Melting Point1024 °C
Boiling Point3100 °C
Density6800 kg/m3
Electrical Resistivity64.0 microhm-cm @ 25 °C
Electronegativity1.2 Paulings
Heat of Fusion1.70 Cal/gm mole
Heat of Vaporization69 K-Cal/gm atom at 3068 °C
Poisson's Ratio( form) 0.281
Specific Heat0.049 Cal/g/K @ 25 °C
Tensile StrengthN/A
Thermal Conductivity0.165 W/cm/K @ 298.2 K
Thermal Expansion6.89 g·cm3
Vickers Hardness343 MPa
Young's Modulus(form) 41.4 GPa

Health & Safety Information

Signal WordN/A
Hazard StatementsN/A
Hazard CodesN/A
Precautionary StatementsP261-P305 + P351 + P338
Flash PointNot applicable
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
RTECS NumberQO8575000
Transport InformationUN 3208 4.3/PG
WGK Germany3


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