Samarium Fluoride

Samarium Fluoride

CAS #: 13765-24-7
Linear Formula: SmF3
EC No.: 237-367-3

Product Details

Product Description

*Samarium Fluoride is a chemical substance with a molecular formula of SmF3, a Light Yellow Powder, that is insoluble in water and soluble in acid. It is usually prepared by reacting Samarium Carbonate and hydrofluoric acid to prepare a solution and then dehydrating at a high temperature.

*It is a raw material for Samarium metal, non-ferrous alloys and laser crystal materials, coating materials. It is widely used as Laboratory reagents, optical fiber doping, laser materials, fluorspar light-emitting materials, optical fiber, optical coating materials, and electronic materials.

*We specialize in producing up to 99.9% high purity evaporation materials using quality assurance processes to guarantee product reliability. One of the most important applications of Samarium. For example,cobalt magnets, which have a nominal composition of SmCo5 or Sm2Co17. These magnets are found in small motors, headphones, and high-end magnetic pickups for guitars and related musical instruments.

*We are successfully meeting the varied requirements of our clients by providing the best quality range of Samarium Fluoride. We have professional QC system, and checked the products one by one, so that we can make sure the products with the high quality. Welcome all the buyers around the world to contact with us.

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Safety Data

Technical Data

Samarium Fluoride 99.9%



Properties (Theoretical)

Compound FormulaF3Sm
Molecular Weight207.35
Melting Point1,306° C (2,383° F)
Boiling Point2,427° C (4,401° F)
Density6.60 g/cm3
Exact MassN/A
Monoisotopic Mass208.91491 Da

Health & Safety Information

Signal WordDanger
Hazard StatementsH301 + H311 + H331
Hazard CodesN/A
Precautionary StatementsMissing Phrase - N15.00950417-P261-P280-P302 + P352 + P312-P304 + P340 + P312-P403 + P233
Flash PointNot applicable
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
Transport InformationUN 3288 6.1 / PGIII
WGK Germany3
GHS PictogramsSkull and Crossbones - GHS06

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