Niobium Oxide

Niobium Oxide

CAS #: 1313-96-8
Linear Formula: Nb2O5
EC No.: 215-213-6

Product Details

Niobium oxide is a white powder, molecular formula Nb2O5, soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and strong alkali, insoluble in water and ammonia water, burned in the air metal niobium or obtained by dehydration of niobic acid.

Niobium Oxide

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Safety Data

Technical Data

Niobium oxide 99%


Niobium oxide 99.9%ET-Nb-02TIM图片20180524114629_副本(001)
Niobium oxide 99.99%ET-Nb-03TIM图片20180524114629_副本(001)

Properties (Theoretical)

Compound FormulaNb2O5
Molecular Weight265.81
Melting Point1512 °C (2754 °F)
Boiling PointN/A
Density4.47 g/cm3
Exact Mass265.787329
Monoisotopic Mass265.787329

Health & Safety Information

Signal WordWarning
Hazard StatementsH315-H319-H335
Hazard CodesXi
Precautionary StatementsP261-P305 + P351 + P338
Flash PointNot applicable
Risk Codes36/37/38
Safety Statements26-36
RTECS NumberQU0500000
Transport InformationNONH
WGK Germanynwg
GHS PictogramsExclamation Point - GHS07

Packaging Specifications

Finished packaging: 50 kg / barrel, 500 kg / tray, ton bag packaging

Sample packaging: 500 g / bag, 1 kg / bottle


Metallurgical industry is the largest consumption industry in Nb2O5, accounting for about 85% ~ 90% of the total consumption of niobium, which mainly includes steel additives, high-temperature alloy, superconducting alloy and special niobium metal materials. The application of Nb2O5 in the electronics industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, and its growth rate is higher than that of other industries, although the total amount of use is small. Glass industry is traditional application industry of Nb2O5, this is because Nb2O5 is added to glass, so that it has a higher refractive index (Ta2O5 can be added to glass to improve the refractive index, thus widely used in optical glass, optical fiber, and coating materials and other aspects.

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